Little Bit Lavish is a monthly subscription box that will be launching in the UK very soon. Thanks to the #BloggerTikiParty I’ve been given the opportunity to try them before they’re released so I thought it was only right to share the contents with you. The idea of Little Bit Lavish is to give us the ‘me time’ we deserve, filling the box with products for a damn good pamper session.

Each month’s box contains up to 8 products, mainly full size, and the box will be £20 per month including P&P. You can sign up for further information and be the first to hear about the new releases at Our special Little Bit Lavish Blogger Box contained;

Little Bit Lavish Subscription Box

Evolve Organic Beauty Satin Leg Gloss – Hand made using only natural and organic ingredients. This is a dry oil to give legs a smooth and glossy finish. It will dry right away, but give a sleek ‘wet look’ finish.

Skin & Tonic London Naked Lip Balm – Another 100% organic product. This is perfect for applying in the evening to stop my lips drying out overnight.

Miss Patisserie Unicorn Hoof Bath Ball – My favourite product in the box, just look at all those gorgeous colours. This is hand crafted with a sweet blossom and peach scent. It’s too beautiful to use, I think I’ll save it for a special occasion when I really need a pamper.

Glow For A Cause Solid Perfume – Solid Perfumes have been around for a while but I haven’t had a chance to try one so I was pleased to see this in the box. I’ll let you know what I think!

What do you think of the Little Bit Lavish Subscription Box? The Bath Ball is my favourite.

Until next time,

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Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Bristol Blogger Meet, an event put on by the lovely Chloe from Beauty and The Girl Blog. The event was planned well in advance so I’d been looking forward to it for a while, although it came around quicker than I thought. The event was being held in the Cosy Club Bristol where I’d attended another Bristol Blogger event in the past, it’s such a perfect venue for a blog event.

Bristol Blogger Meet

The journey to the event was… interesting. My car broke down on the M32, just as I’ve put it up for sale, so I spent most of the journey driving down the hard shoulder with my hazard lights on. I’ve fixed it now though… fingers crossed. I parked in Cabot Circus car park as I just wanted to abandon my car as quick as possible, Cosy Club was a good 20 minute walk from there though so I was pleased to finally arrive.

I missed a little of Chloe’s opening speech (sorry about that Chloe) and then we had a couple of other speeches from the charities/brands attending the event. Firstly a speech from Off The Record, a Bristol based Mental Health Charity. They run therapy classes as well as owning an art studio soley ran by volunteers which I think is fantastic. They also run a number of side projects throughout the year.

Bristol Blogger Meet

Bristol Blogger Meet

Next was a talk and demonstration from Weleda, a leading natural skin care company. They mainly focused on their Skin Food which they kindly gave us all a sample of so I’ll be letting you know what I think of it once I’ve had a chance to try it. It feels so lovely on the skin so I’m looking forward to trying it properly, my skin really needs a bit of loving.

Lastly it was Chelsey from Chelsea Candles turn, I think I have a new favourite candle, they smell divine! The Gooseberry and Elderflower was my favourite scent of theirs but I also loved the Coconut Candle.

Bristol Blogger Meet

Bristol Blogger Meet

Bristol Blogger Meet

After we’d spoken to the brands it was time to eye up the raffle prizes, have a mingle with the other bloggers and order some food and drink. I went for my usual Banana and Strawberry Milkshake and the Hallomi and Hummus Panini, although it wasn’t as nice as I’d remembered it. There was so many lovely raffle prizes, I couldn’t wait for it to begin, amazingly I won a lovely OPI Nail Polish set that I’ll be featuring on a Manicure Monday soon.

Bristol Blogger Meet

Bristol Blogger Meet

It was then time to make our way to the next event of the day, at Channii B Shoes which our goody bags in hand. Just look at all the lovely products inside, my favourites were the No7 Lipstick and the DermaVio Make-off Mitts as I use these daily already. I can’t wait to try the Nanshy Fan Brush and the blotting papers.

Thank you Chloe for inviting me, I had a wonderful day and can’t wait until the next Bristol Blogger event.

Ami xxxxx

Skincare and Makeup Samples

1. Makeup samples are free (most of the time). This is the obvious reason, everybody loves free products.

2. You can use makeup samples before they expire. Yes, make-up expires. Don’t worry, I’m guilty of over using products too, I’ll use mascara until it completely dries out. Sample size products don’t even give you the opportunity.

3. Your skin won’t get used to them. Sample skincare is usually enough to last you a week or two, enough time for them to have an affect on your skin but not long enough for your skin to get used to them. Once your skin gets used to a product, you won’t get the same results as when you first used it. It’s advised to change at least one aspect of your skincare every few weeks.

4. You get to try new products. Another obvious one here but almost every make-up/skincare brand will let you try before you buy meaning you don’t have to buy a full size product, only to absolutely hate it.

5. They’re cute. Yes Benefit, I’m looking at you. Many brands make mini versions of their products and most of the time I prefer the look of the minis compared to the full size.

6. Makeup samples are handy. One of the main reasons of sample size is the idea of ‘travel size’. Ideal to take on holiday, or keep in your handbag. I always carry a mini perfume and mascara.

7. You find products that suit you. Expanding on the try new products point here but many beauty brands give samples of their foundations which is something I always go for, I’m useless at testing foundation colours and always find I’ve bought the complete wrong shade, just ask, you’ll be amazed how many brands do.

Do you love skincare and makeup samples? What are your favourites?

Ami xxxxx

Another month another jam packed Look Fantastic Beauty Box. This month’s box is called #LFSUMMERLOVIN*, filled with skin, hair and make-up treats including Nuxe, This Works and the showstopping Benefit Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil that I’ve been dying to try. This Look Fantastic Magazine is full of tips and tricks to solve summer hair and skin problems and there’s even a copy of ELLE Magazine for a bit of poolside reading.

Benefit Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil

Just like June’s, July’s Look Fantastic Beauty Box contains products from many brands I haven’t tried before and products such as the Benefit Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil that I’ve been eyeing up since it was released. I’ve been looking for a new brow product for a while and I’m hoping this is the one. July’s box also includes;

This Works In Transit Camera Close Up – A fab all in one product, this works as a moisturiser, primer and mask so it’s great for travel. Apparently one of Victoria Beckham’s favourite products too! It’s packed full of skin loving ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Starflower Oils and really moisturises your skin which is great in the hotter weather.

Benefit Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil – This is the one I’ve been excited about as I haven’t had a chance to try any of Benefit’s new Brow Range. The shape of the pencil allows you to fill in any gaps and give your brows an even and flawless finish. It’s so easy to use too, even for a make-up amateur like me. Benefit Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil is waterproof too which makes it perfect for summer. Just make sure you’ve got some hardy make-up remover at the ready because it doesn’t budge.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or – I thought this was a nail polish at first but it’s dry oil for face, body and hair. Definitely different from anything I’ve ever tried before. This will infuse your skin with moisture whilst giving it a radiant glow, which is exactly what we want in the summer months. It’s made with 6 different plant oils, Sweet Almond, Camellia, Hazelnut, Macadamia, Borage and St Camellia and enriched with Vitamin E.

Kabelo Silk Anti Frizz Cream Serum – I love all the hair products in this month’s box. I feel like I don’t treat my hair enough so it’s loving me after using these products. This cream leaves you with silky, glossy hair and makes it much easier to style. It also helps to reduce drying time which means that you will need less heat to style, keeping it as healthy as possible.

Bellapierre Lip and Cheek Stain – Another brand I hadn’t tried before this box, Bellapierre. This is oil free meaning it won’t clog pores, ideal for the warmer weather. It’s the perfect pigment and adds just the right amount of colour, I find some stains have me looking like I should join the circus.

Miti Bobbles – I’ve got a few different makes of these bobbles and I love them all so much. They are easy to use, like a ‘normal’ hair bobble but don’t leave kinks meaning you can easily take your hair back down without having to restyle. I was optimistic at first but I wouldn’t use anything different now.

Are you subscribed to the Look Fantastic Beauty Box? You can subscribe here from just £11.25 a month.

Which products would you like to try? I love the Benefit Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil.

Ami xxxxx

Last year, if you’d have said coconut to me, I would have thought Bounty, at Christmas, or trying to hit one off a stand at a summer fete, or maybe my favourite Cocoa Butter Hand Cream. Today, today is much different. Over the last year or so, coconut is being used in products you would have never imagined, I never thought I’d be drinking a coconut tea in the morning anyway. Holland and Barrett* have challenged me to go nuts with coconut and see how many different ways I could incorporate it into my daily routine, which I can tell you now, was A LOT of ways.

10 Ways To Use Coconut

I started the morning with a Cuppanut tea, I was very optimistic, but it worked. It was so refreshing but would probably work better as a mid morning tea or an afternoon pick me up, I’m set in my ways of a Green Tea first thing. I’d love to try some of the other flavours Cuppanut have to offer. Next was a coconut capsule, they state you can take four a day but I only had one in the morning and one in the evening before going to bed. I’m not sure what they’re meant to do, but it’s worth a try right?

I tried the Meridian Coconut and Almond Butter on toast for breakfast but ended up letting Sam carry out this step for me. I’ve never liked Peanut Butter and unfortunately this one didn’t change my mind, Sam enjoyed it though. The same with the coconut water, I like the flavoured ones but I can’t quite stomach the plain ones. One I love is the Vita Coco Pineapple flavour.

The Merchant Coco Coconut Chips and the Propercorn Vanilla and Coconut Popcorn made perfect mid afternoon snacks, the popcorn especially, I could have eaten this all afternoon (although my waistline would have hated me for it). I made a vegetable korma for dinner and used a spoonful of Coconut Oil over my rice and within the korma sauce, it gave it such a lovely flavour and I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to use it in cooking. I’m going to make sure I do lots more of it now. I also used a little of the Coconut Oil on Milo’s coat which gave it a nice shine. There really is hundreds of ways to use it.

The last way I used coconut was in my evening pamper routine. I used the Dr. Organics Virgin Coconut Oil Shampoo and Conditioner to wash my hair and my god did the bathroom smell amazing afterwards. My hair has dried so sleek, soft and shiny too, so I’m impressed after the first use. I can’t wait to use this again.

The last step in my pamper routine, and the last use of coconut for the day was Cocowhite Teeth Whitening. These are little sachets of flavoured coconut oil that you swish around your mouth for up to 15 minutes, I’ve taken before photos and I’m going to do the entire 14 day course so I’ll be able to tell you what I thought shortly.

So there we have it, there’s 10 ways to incorporate coconut into your daily routine and I bet there’s many many more I haven’t even thought about. I’m looking forward to continuing with the teeth whitening, using the shampoo/conditioner again and strangely my cup of coconut tea. Who’d have thought it?

Each and every item here is available at

Do you use coconut within your daily routine? I’d love to hear how.

Ami xxxxx