Summer To Autumn Nail Art: 6 Nail Polishes For Fall

We’ve got to have something to look forward to now summer is coming to a close. For me that’s the Autumn Nail Art and make-up trends. And of course the warm knitwear and winter boots. I’m sure everyone has that one fail safe brand and for me that’s BarryM, especially their nail polishes, there’s just something about them. Every time they bring out a new colour I just have to have it.

My Top Autumn Nail Art Colours:


Autumn Nail Art Colours


Firstly yellow. This is perfect for the Summer to Autumn Nail Art transition as it’s represents the sun, and the colours of the leaves throughout the Autumn. A perfect colour to take you in to the beginning of the next season.


Autumn Nail Art Colours


This design uses yellow again incorporated with a bright blue. These base coats are by Misguided and the dots are added using a BarryM Nail Art Pen.  These are so easy to work with and they’re similar to a felt pen, you just need to make sure there’s enough ink on the nib as otherwise your design won’t work. These are £3.99 and available at most Boots and Superdrug (currently 3 for 2) stores.


BarryM Cobalt Blue with Pink Sparkle Top Coat


Blue is a fail safe option throughout the Autumn, it’s always on trend and there’s so many different shades to choose from. The ‘Cobalt Blue’ used in this design is in my top nail paints by BarryM, I think I’m on my third bottle of this, it goes with almost anything and matches with almost all seasons trends. This top coat is perfect to add a little spark into your nails.


Autumn Nail Art Colours


Talking of sparks, this next polish ‘Amethyst Glitter’ really gets you into the Autumn spirit. Doesn’t it just remind you of Bonfire Night and the fireworks? It’s weird how nail polish can do that! This is usually used as a top coat but I thought I’d use it as the main colour, although you need about 4 coats to get it looking like this.


Autumn Nail Art Colours


This deep green it definitely an Autumn colour and BarryM’s ‘Magnetic Nail Polishes’ look so effective. This is one of my favourites but there’s many to choose from. I hope they bring out some bright coloured Magnetic Polishes in the near future.


Autumn Nail Art Colours


I did say there was 5 designs on my twitter (@AmiRoseBlog) but I couldn’t forget about this one. I’m not a massive fan of white nails but remembered I had these nail tattoos by NailArt. They completely transform the look of your nails and I can’t wait to use them again.


Keep an eye out for more posts using these nail art tattoos as well as a first look at BarryM’s Autumn range.


I hope some of these looks have inspired you for next seasons trends.


What is your fail safe nail polish brand and colour? What is your favourite Autumn Nail Art colour?


Until next time,


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