Twinings Tea Tasting: Trying 21 Different Twinings Teas

Here it is, the long awaited Twinings Tea post. I have been tweeting about this so much but couldn’t write it until I’d tried all of the tea so I could pick out my favourites. What an amazing past couple of months having a different Twinings Tea almost every day. I’m going to miss having so many to choose from as there’s 21 different teas here.
        Twinings Tea Tasting


Over the past year I’ve become addicted to Green/White teas and this makes up around 90% of my tea intake. I’ll only have a regular cup of tea when it’s either that or no tea at all. This all started when I detoxed and was only aloud to drink water, green tea or fruit tea. I wasn’t a massive fan of the fruit tea I’d tried in the past and was so excited to try all these different teas so I could find a new favourite.


Twinings Tea Tasting


The first of my favourite fruit teas was this Twinings Tea ‘Buttermint Tea’. It’s like Werther’s Originals in liquid form. I’ve got such a sweet tooth and this was lovely and it smelt exactly like it tasted which I don’t find very often with fruit teas.


Secondly (which I forgot to take a picture of) was the Blackcurrant and Rhubarb tea. This was a surprise to me seeing as I don’t like Blackcurrant… or Rhubarb but this was a great mixture, so sweet and tasted just like Rhubarb and Custards mixed with Ribena. My favourite out of the selection.
                 Twinings Tea Tasting


This was one of my favourite fruit teas too. I’m one of these people that drinks a really sweet wine and adds lemonade to it, so the sweeter the better. Although this one smelt a lot stronger and sweeter than it tasted but it was still yummy.


Twinings Tea Tasting

I’d never tried Chai tea before and I loved it. Such a mixture of flavours with a strong but nice after-taste. I wasn’t too keen on the Assam though, it tasted a bit ‘musky’ to me but each to their own and everyone’s tastes are different.


Twinings Tea Tasting

I could almost say this was my favourite out of the lot, almost. Mmm this one is gorgeous. It’s got the Assam tea in but some really strong flavours as well. It’s Christmas in a cup and it honestly tastes like you’re drinking Mulled Wine. I cannot recommend this enough. Looking forward to buying more ready for the Autumn/Winter evenings.


Twinings Tea Tasting

This is a great range from Twinings Tea. They all taste quite similar and I didn’t drink enough of them to see a major difference. But I can certainly see that if you introduce these teas into your daily routine, especially the ‘Sleep’ tea, you’ll be a new person. They made me feel relaxed and healthy and taste delicious at the same time.


Twinings Tea Tasting


Last but not least my two favourites, ‘Pure White Tea’ and ‘Long Jing Green Tea’ which is my overall favourite. Trust me to pick the one that’s exclusive to Costa to be my favourite but you can buy it online from Twinings Tea directly. I’ve never tasted a green tea like it and would recommend green tea, or any tea lovers to try it and I challenge you to find a better tasting green tea.


All the teas mentioned above are available from Twinings’ Website


What are your favourite Twinings Teas?


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