Superdrug Deals: 10 Absolute Bargains At Superdrug

A quick post today on my latest haul and a very very cheap one. I always go into Superdrug to check their damaged/ reduced stand as they’ve usually got some great offers. Although I didn’t expect to end up with over £50 worth of things for £8.77. And nothing wrong with any of it. Check out these amazing Superdrug Deals. It’s always worth checking your local store. It only takes a second and you don’t know what you could find.

Superdrug Deals & Bargain Haul
Superdrug Deals & Bargain Haul


There were loads of VO5 products for 50p as Superdrug are changing the stock. These are currently on offer for 2 for £5.50 at Boots too. I’m looking forward to trying them.


Superdrug Deals & Bargain Haul


Old stock False Eyelashes for 80p, I wasn’t going to miss out on that one. I would have brought loads more if there was any. Especially Bourjois as I love their products.


Superdrug Deals & Bargain Haul


I use this all the time and it was just £3.50 because I didn’t have a lid. Although I’ve just used up an older bottle so voila, there’s my lid.


Superdrug Deals & Bargain Haul


Can a girl ever have too many dry shampoos? The answer is no, obviously. Just £1 because of no lid. I used this straight away.


Superdrug Deals & Bargain Haul

I needed a new concealer and this was 70p because the packaging is changing. I’ve tried other Witch products before and got on really well with them.


Superdrug Deals & Bargain Haul


25p each for nail art paints, wow. I’ve not used Andrea Fullerton before and  have no idea why these were reduced. I’d love to hear some of your thoughts if you’ve used her products?


I’d definitely suggest checking your local Superdrug Deals when you next go shopping. There’s usually some great deals to be had on the bargain/reduced stands. I pick up at least one thing up every single time I go in there and the items are always reduced for such silly reasons.


What’s your best bargain from the reduced stands? Have you picked up any of these Superdrug Deals?


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  1. 26th February 2017 / 10:08 pm

    You got so many bargains! Those eyelashes look gorgeous and love that lace batiste dry shampoo. Definitely going to have a proper look at the discounted products next time I visit my local superdrug x

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