Autumn Bathtime Favourites

We’ve reached September already (where has the year gone?!) It’s now almost officially Autumn, so today’s post for #Blogtember is about the comforts of autumn and some of my autumn bathtime favourites for the fall.
Autumn Bathtime Favourites
I’m sure many of you agree, as soon as the winter months draw in, all you think about is bubble baths. Goodbye quick showers, hello hour long soaks in the bath. Baths personally remind me so much of being younger and I just love bath bombs, confetti and salts. The more the better for me. Although you do end up having to empty some of the soap infested, green coloured water after a while. Marks and Spencer do some great sets of bath salts and confetti in many different colours and scents and for as little as £5. Definite Autumn Bathtime Favourites for me.
Autumn Bathtime Favourites
Bath salts are great, not only do they smell fantastic, they’re great for you skin too. They can be used for exfoliation which will get rid of your dead/dry skin cells and leave you skin soft and smooth to the touch. Bath bombs can have the same effect also, although they’re more fun just to watch fizz away. I’m totally addicted to LUSH bath bombs at the moment.
My favourite favourite Autumn Bathtime Favourites is Body Shop Pure Detox Rejuvenating Bath Soak (pictured above) This is a go-to product for me, it’s just perfect in every way and smells delicious, (if only smellivisions were invented), Willy Wonka where are you? It’s a minty but sweet but sharp fragrance, it’s just lovely. You put a little bit in your bath whilst you’re running the water and it’ll swirl around the bath creating bubbles and letting off this gorgeous fragrance. The idea of this product is that is ‘gives back what your body has taken out during the day’ causing you to feel both relaxed and refreshed, I could do a whole post on this product alone!
Autumn Bathtime Favourites
The last item in my Autumn favourites is the Bomb Cosmetics Little Hottie scents and burner. This is a great little product. A very affordable price too (I managed to get everything you see in the picture for just £10!). The Little Hottie scents consist of wax shapes and come in 36 different scents. I got one or more of each. I’m yet to smell them all but my favourite so far is definitely strawberry. These are available in many little gift shops (I got mine on a day out to Bourton-on-the-Water), and they’re available on the official website, there’s also a lot of information about them on their twitter @BombCosmetics. They burn for ages and you can mix and match the scents too to form new ones, check out their floral scent chart!

What’s your favourite autumn comfort?

 Ami xxxxx

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