October Wishlist

We’re a little into this month but I’ve still not done my wishlist post for this month…



It’s about time I brought myself a new razor and I’ve seen this Gillette Venus with Olay Razor in a few magazines. I’ve since got a £2 off voucher so I’ll be buying it on my next shopping trip!



Ok so I’ve been avoiding getting my hair cut because it’s got so long over the last few months but I need to give in now and get it done. I’m going to buy some Moroccan Oil first though and see if it helps it.



I’ve been meaning to buy some new things for my almost finished gym and I’m going to buy a set of resistance bands next. Can a body like hers also be on my wishlist?



Sooo Winter is nearly here and don’t we know it! I want to get some thick tights to wear with shorts and even under my jeans.


I also want a thick red cardigan as a wear a lot of beige, black and jeans so think will go well. My favourite winter cardigan is from FatFace so I’ll have a look there when they get their winter stock in.


What do you want mostly this month?


Ami xxxxx


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