Christmas Crafts

Last night Sam and I spent about 2 hours ‘letting out our inner child’ and making cute Christmas decorations for our tree. I’d seen the kit in Tesco and just had to get it; there was so many to choose from, carol singers, penguins, door hangers, cards and the list goes on.


I went for this kit because you didn’t need to add anything else other than glue and I thought they’d look nice on our already decorated tree. Sam and I often take this sort of thing way to seriously though and the finished product has to look just perfect.
We emptied everything out (on my pillow may I add!) and it didn’t take long to realise it wasn’t just going to be a quick 5 minute put the trees together task, We’ve got so much more respect now for parents having the patience to sit with their children making these things!
It didn’t take us long to have worked out a system, Sam glued the trees together whilst I sat glueing the sequins in the middles of every single flower, such a tedious job, I must admit, I did nearly give up half way though. Then it was just the job of gluing the flowers to Sam’s perfectly glued trees…

How cute do they look, they add a nice bit of sparkle to our tree. I’m going to give one to my Mother, Dad and Grandma too and make them put one on their tree. Who says you can’t make things for your parents at the age of 21! These are perfect to do with your children or younger members of your family but who’s to say you can’t have just as much fun making them at the age of 21 and 27!What are your favourite Christmas crafts?

Ami xxxxx



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