December Empties

I hope 2015 is treating everyone well, I can’t believe we’re 8 days into it already! Here’s so hoping this year doesn’t fly by as quickly as the last one did. What resolutions/goals have you all made for 2015?
Anyway, onto my first empties post of the year…
I brought this conditioner, along with the shampoo, a few months ago from Avon but hadn’t got round to using it until last month. I haven’t tried the shampoo yet (I know I should have used them both together but I had soooo much shampoo left it seemed a shame opening a new one). I loved this conditioner; I don’t often buy things from Avon but I’ve never been disappointed when I do. Immediately after using this my hair felt nourished and in a much better condition. I just need to bite the bullet now and have all my split ends cut off as my hair doesn’t seem to be growing at all.


I think there’s a Batiste Dry Shampoo in almost every empties post I’ve written. I do wash, honest! These always come in handy for those ‘in-between’ days or when you’re hair needs some extra ‘oomph’, shine or volume. This one smells divine.


The lavender pot was full of lavender scented soap flowers which I always add to my bath, they make you smell lovely after you bath and can be used to wash with also. You need to make sure you don’t put too many in the bath though as they make your bubbles disappear.
The Baylis and Harding Skin Spa is the body wash/shower gel I’ve just used up. I’ve always been a fan of Baylis and Harding skincare, it’s affordable but good quality too. This lathered on well and had a fresh scent of cherry blossom and lily.


I couldn’t tell you how old this set is but I’ve definitely had it lying around for a few years. The bottle is a Bath Gel that’s scented of Roses that I added to my bath along with my bubble bath. Although I think this added bubbles too, I mainly added it for the aroma as it made me feel relaxed after a long day. The moisturiser had the exact same smell, it was a small tub though so I only managed to use it for a week until it was empty


This ‘lipsplash’ was free in an issue of Cosmopoliton last year. It’s very rare for me that I like and use free products from magazines but I fell in love with this the moment I got it (I even brought another issue of Cosmo so I could have another when it ran out). It’s a perfect nude lipgloss, ideal for wearing on it’s own or to add shine to your favourite lippy. It’s not sticky or ‘tacky’ either.


Lastly is a BarryM eyeshadow pencil. I’d not used pencils for eyeshadows before until I borrowed this exact pencil from my Mother and just had to go out and buy it in a few different colours. They come in 7 colours (view them here) and this (‘Brown Black’) was my favourite one as you could wear it with almost anything. They smudge and blend into other colours just the same as any eyeshadow from a palette would with the ease of applying quickly and effectively in a rush!


Ami xxxxx



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