Make Up Academy (MUA) Wishlist

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you would have read my ‘MUA Haul’ post and discovered that a was late on the ‘bandwagon’ that is Make Up Academy (or MUA). I’d seen this brand almost everywhere, magazines, blogs, vlogs but I’d never actually gone into the store and picked up anything to try myself.
A couple of weeks ago I was at an Armani Beauty launch in Bristol and had some time to do some shopping, alone, afterwards. As much as I love shopping with my friends, boyfriend or mother I don’t think they quite understand that need to pick up, look at and swatch absolutely everything before you can decide on that perfect item/s to buy.
I bought 4 items on my last shopping trip and I’ve been absolutely loving their lipstick in shade 11 – a neutral shade. As a MUA ‘newbie’ I was so impressed with the staying power of these lipsticks, I wasn’t expecting much for £1 but I was blown away! I’ve also fallen in love with their ‘Undress Me Too’ palette but only had a chance to use it a few times, I’ll get some make up looks on here soon.

Since doing my Haul post I’ve had so many people recommending me other items and their favourites from MUA’s brand so I’ve decided to write a wishlist of items I’d like to purchase over the next few months. I’ve been so impressed with their products already so I’m really looking forward to trying some more of their ever expanding range.


Undress You Skin Highlighting Powder in Iridescent Gold – £2.25

I’ve swatched this in store and it adds that perfect summer radiance to your skin, there’s a few shades available of their highlighting powder, this shade is the lightest.


Pro Base Prime and Conceal Powder – £4.00

This is probably the top on my wishlist, I’ve never seen anything like it but I love love the idea. This is a powder to either use before applying make-up to even out your skin tone or to apply afterwards to brighten your overall make-up look.

Pro Base Fixing Mist – £5

I’m get to use a Fixing Mist and where better to start than MUA. This holds your make-up in place throughout the day protecting it against all weather conditions.


Luxe Whipped Velvet Lips – £3

I wouldn’t be exaggerating by saying as many as 20 people have recommended these to me. They seem to be very popular on Twitter! I especially like ChiChi and Rococo. I love to try their Matte Lip Laquers also, I love the shade ‘Kooky’

Luxe Glitter Nail Polish – £3

These would make great top coats over either a contrasting colour or a lighter/darker shade of the same colour. I think I’ll buy the Purple first as I haven’t got a purple glitter polish.


E9 Socket Blending Brush – £1.95

I’ve only just discovered MUA’s make-up brushes when doing this wishlist post. This stood out as one of my favourites and I’m also in need on a new lip brush. Their lip brush is out of stock at the moment though.

What are you MUA favourites? Anything I MUST try?
Ami xxxxx


    • 24th February 2015 / 11:37 pm

      I'm yet to try their nail polishes. I think I'll have to buy some on my next shopping trip!

      Ami xxx

  1. 28th April 2015 / 7:46 pm

    Love the pop of colours of the Luxe lips….so similar to Rimmel's Apocolips range. I loved the Funk colour

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