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I haven’t done a tag post for a while and I’ve been tagged in 5 different ones over the last couple of weeks so I thought I’d do one a week for you all this month (probably Wednesdays).


I must confess – I don’t actually have Netflix!  I am however a massive box set/series addict. I don’t often watch live TV instead the boyfriend and I watch entire an series at a time and dedicate our evening to that (we managed all 62 episodes of Breaking Bad in 2 weeks *monkey covering eyes emoji*).


This brings me on the – The Netflix Tag – thanks to @jesmgia for tagging me. Here goes…


All Time Favourites
My all time favourite is my current addiction so I’ll leave that one to the next question. There’s quite a few series that are included in my ‘all time favourites’; I’ve just rewatched the first series of Gilmore Girls which I adored when I was in my early teens, as well as Veronica Mars (I always thought a detective sounded like a cool job!). Breaking Bad is one to add to the list too, although I think that’s probably on everyone’s. Sam and I were late onto the bandwagon and had my brother and his brother pestering us to watch it so we thought we’d give it a go, I took just the first episode and we were hooked, we managed all 62 in the space of 2 weeks and have recommended it to everyone since. The Walking Dead is another one of my favourites too, I’ve still got to watch series 4 and 5 of that! I think my evenings are spoken for for at least the next couple of months!
Current Addiction
My current addiction, that anybody that follows me on twitter will know, is Friends. Sam and I watched it over and over when it was played on E4 but sadly it was cancelled. I was desperate to watch it again so I thought I would write to Santa and ask for it for Christmas. I must have been good last year because he got it for me! *wink*. We started watching it just after Christmas and we’re now on series 7 (out of 10). We want to hurry up and finish it now though so we can watch Suits (another recommendation from my brother) then it’s got to be Pretty Little Liars after that.
Wish List
As I don’t have Netflix I’m going to change this to ‘Watch List’ and use this one to write the series I’m planning on/would like to watch this year. So far these are… Orange Is The New Black, Pretty Little Liars, Suits, Prison Break (Sam’s hasn’t watched it) and Game Of Thrones… are there any others that I NEED to add to my list?
Lucky me, I don’t have to put up with any ‘Net-peeves’ as I watch all my series online or box sets, buffering times when watching online or catch up drive me insane though.
Marathon Essentials
A onesie, or very cosy tracksuit bottoms, you have to be comfortable when you’re probably not going to move for hours! A family size bar of Cadbury’s Jelly Popping Candy Marvellous Creations (I can’t get enough) a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Baked Alaska and a bottle (or three) of Cider.
You Should Watch
Anyone that hasn’t gotten into the Walking Dead craze I’d recommend you do, one of my favourite series to date (I’m not caught up yet so no spoilers please).
Thanks for tagging me Jessica, I really enjoyed writing this, I tag KayleighAshley and Em
Please let me know of any series I should add to my ‘Watch List’
Ami xxxxx


    • 5th February 2015 / 10:33 pm

      Thank you. I've got that post scheduled for next week! I'll tag you when it's up.

      Ami xxx

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