The Week in Food #1

I managed to eat out 4 times last week which is probably not amazing for my ‘healthy eating’, especially with the overload of chips and other carbs. I love reading The Week In Food posts so I thought I’d make this a regular thing on Ami Rose. Although it may be every so often rather than weekly as it would end up costing a fortune if I ate out this many times every single week.  Let me know if you’d like weekly posts though as I certainly wouldn’t mind writing The Week In Food home cooked edition (although eating out seems much more fun).


The Week In Food - Harvester Salsa Chicken


The first meal was at the Harvester last Thursday for my birthday meal with my Mother, Grandma, Brother and Boyfriend. We all really enjoy the Harvester, it’s always fantastic food for an affordable price which is great when there’s lots of you eating. We visited the new(ish) Harvester in Bradley Stoke and I opted for the ‘Salsa Chicken’ The chicken was cooked perfectly and the ‘Budweiser Barbecue’ sauce (one of my all time favourites) went perfectly with it. The pepper was delicious too but a little overwhelming as it was so big. I was stuffed after this meal, especially with Harvester’s unlimited salad cart too.


The Week In Food - ASDA Large Cupcake Birthday Cake


I’m not sure where this cake was from, I’m thinking Asda though, although my Mother did try and convince me that she’d made it herself. It was gorgeous and we all thoroughly enjoyed it although we were to stuffed. I brought the rest home and Sam and I ate it for the next 3 days.


My second meal out (not pictured) was at my local pub. I hadn’t eaten here since it was taken over by new owners and I’ve got to say I was disappointed. There was not one chicken dish on the menu and only one vegetarian option (I’m a fussy eater and always order a chicken dish or a vegetarian option). I went for a Tagliatelle with Tomato Sauce which was served with Olives and Capers (I don’t like either) so I asked for it to be served with Ciabatta or Garlic Bread instead which was on the menu with other dishes but was told they couldn’t accommodate that. I ended up with the smallest portion of pasta I’d ever been given in a restaurant/pub and still ended up paying £9.50 for it.


The Week In Food - Three Bean Chilli


My third meal out, I know there’s chips again, was at the Tudor Arms in Slimbridge. It’s a lovely pub along a canal that I used to go to a lot with my Dad when I was younger. It was a lovely day so Sam and I decided to take Milo for a walk and go and buy some new tropical fish at the local garden centre (Highfields). We stopped as this pub as we knew dogs were aloud in, however when we got there we were told they no longer allowed dogs in the restaurant. This is disappointing considering their pub is along a canal where you’ll see hundreds of dog walkers daily, it must be damaging for their business during the winter months when it’s not ideal to eat in the garden.


As it was a nice day and we were starving we decided to sit on the outdoor terrace to have our food. I know it sounds crazy in January but it wasn’t too bad. We did get some strange looks from people walking past though. I went for their ‘Three Bean Chilli with Nacho’s and Chips’, it was gorgeous and I’m eager to go back already. The Chilli wasn’t just a tin of beans with a chilli sauce over it like you’ll get in some pubs. It consisted of beans, mushrooms, mixed peppers, onion and jalapeños with just the right amount of spice added, the chips were nice and crispy and the Nacho’s were a great addition.


The Week In Food - Nando's Chicken Wrap


Our last meal of the week was at Nando’s; it was free too which makes it even better! We ate at one of their restaurants last year and my chicken was majorly undercooked and still pink in the middle so I couldn’t eat it. I hate complaining in restaurants but I mentioned my disappointment to Nando’s on Twitter and they kindly gave me a voucher for two meals so we could ‘go and give it another go’. We did and I have to say they outdid themselves; the meal was perfect and the chicken fell apart in my mouth.


I went for the Chicken Breast in a ‘Chilli Wrap’. I decided it wasn’t a good idea to opt for chips again so I went for Coleslaw and Spicy Rice which accompanied the wraps well. Thank you again for the ‘Chicken Cheque’ Nando’s and look forward to many more great meals.


Where have you eaten out at recently? Do you enjoy reading The Week In Food posts?


Ami xxxxx


  1. 1st February 2015 / 4:15 pm

    I love eating out! We were out this morning for breakfast and I had french toast with bacon – it was delicious x

  2. 3rd February 2015 / 12:44 am

    Ohh that sounds yummy! I love it too although my bank balance is hating me for it at the moment. I almost never eat out for breakfast, I think I'm going to make more of an effort to do so this year.

    Ami xxx

    • 19th February 2015 / 10:39 am

      It's making me hungry looking at it again! Definitely feeling a Nando's trip soon.

      Ami xxx

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