What I Would Wear To The Races

It’s coming around to the time again, Cheltenham Races. Each year I become more ‘grown up’ as such and it’s no longer just fun a day out with friends. It becomes more if a statment, a chance to act ‘proper’ meaning weeks of outfit planning and hair/make-up ideas. It’s a chance to act civilised whilst sipping a nice glass of champagne and placing some bets throught the day. I haven’t gone for the last few years, instead (probably all three years) sat and home with the TV on finishing coursework to meet deadlines. I was desperate to get to the races last year but dissertation writing took priority! But the degree is done and I’m REALLY hoping to make it this year.

It’s quite a formal event, especially ‘Ladies Day’ which means pretty dresses, hair pieces and hats. If I was to go this year I’d wear this gorgeous floral dress from Glamorous (pictured below). Seeing at the event is in March I don’t think I’d get away with this much leg, but you never know with British weather as at the beginning of March last year I was walking along the canal in shorts and a vest top!. I’d probably wear it with black tights and I’m thinking Fushia heels or another colour that’ll match the colours in the dress.

I’d add a formal hair piece the same colour as the shoes as I don’t like having too many different colours in an outfit. I’d love to be able to get away with an OTT hat but I just can’t pull off a hat with my round face and chubby cheeks, I’m yet to find a style that doesn’t make me look about 12! I’d accessorise lightly with a small bracelet and a couple of rings, I’ve been wearing stacking rings from Pandora a lot recently.
Of course a lot can change before March and on the day I’ll probably try on 10 different outfits and end up going with the first one, is that just me or is it a girl thing?!
What would you wear if you were going to the races?
Ami xxxxx
This post is promoting @CheltenhamRaces and @etailPR’s #ColourMeMarch competition which can be found here.
Thanks to etailPR for arranging our attendance at Cheltenham Racecourse.


    • 19th February 2015 / 10:33 am

      Thank you. It was in the Glamourous sale, I think it was only £20 something!

      Ami xxx

  1. 19th February 2015 / 10:33 am

    Ahh thank you that means a lot!

    Ami xxx

  2. 19th February 2015 / 10:34 am

    Thank you. I bought it from Bank in the Glamouros sale. They have such lovely dresses.

    Ami xxx

  3. 22nd February 2015 / 6:00 pm

    that's a lovely dress 😀 the color suits you


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