April Wishlist

Although I’ve got absolutely no money to get me through this month (I think it’s about £12) I thought I’d still do a wishlist so I can treat myself on payday, I haven’t gone over the top this month and have included things that I actually need (OK I may not need sweets and nail varnish).


1. I’ve been on a health kick trying to get myself ready for a holiday (that we haven’t even booked yet) in May and I’ve been trying to improve my skin and get my hair growing and in good condition. I swear by these Skin, Hair and Nails tablets by Tesco and I also love these Calcium and Vitamin D tablets as I think we all suffer with Vitamin D deficiency thanks to the British weather, I don’t eat anywhere near enough calcium so these are handy for that too.


2. This is a funny one, Sam bought me a Jelly Belly Bean Machine just before Christmas which was something that was on my Christmas List since I was about 4 years old. We ate all the Jelly Beans that came with in within about a week so we want to fill a Candy King Pick ‘n’ Mix cup up with Gourmet Jelly Beans so we can fill it up again.


3. I’m wanting to get my hair in really good condition for my holiday so I had 3 inches cut off the length and 6 inches cut off my fringe last week to get rid of all the split ends which will hopefully make it grow longer quicker. I’ve always been a fan of Lee Stafford’s hair products, especially his Hair Growth range so I’m going to buy the shampoo, conditioner and mask to help give my hair growth a boost. It’s always worked well in the past, especially along with the Skin, Hair and Nail tablets.


4. BarryM launched their Sunset Collection at Superdrug today and many of you already know my obsession with BarryM polishes. I love the ‘You Drive Me Navy’. ‘The Way You Make Me Teal’ and ‘I’ve Been Pinkin’ so I’ll be picking a few of these up on Payday; I hope they’re still on 3 for 2.


5. Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer is my go to concealer and I can’t seem to find anything that compares. My current one is just about to run out but I’m going to try and make it last me until the end of the month. Anyone have any other drugstore concealer suggestions?


6.  As I’ve already mentioned, I’m trying to get my hair in a lovely condition for my holiday in May and have been recommended Moroccan Oil by many people over the last few months. I tried it before a few years ago and it made my hair so shiny so I’m going to pick myself up another bottle and start using it again in preparation for my holiday, I’m hoping it helps it grow too.


7. All this holiday talk has made me realise that I need to find a new bikini. I had a look when I was shopping the other day and was particularly fond of this bikini in New Look (I should have bought it at the time). I’ve never been able to wear their bikinis before as they always do clasps as the back and I need ties, I’m a really awkward size, I need to buy a 14 on top and an 8 on the bottom so I’m glad that New Look do mix and match. I’m hoping this is still in stock when I next go shopping, I think the colour will compliment a tan really well.


What is on your wishlist this month?


Ami xxxxx


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