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Instead of doing a nail art look or colour today I’m going to dedicate today’s post to improving the condition of your nails. I have never had false nails due to hearing so many horrible stories about what they can do to your nails if you wear them long term, or even once, I hate the idea of someone filing down my natural nails to then add false nails, it just seems a really pointless task, and very scary to me.
I used to bite my nails, all through Primary School and a little of Secondary School until I had no nails whatsoever, my parents hated it and bought absolutely anything they could in order to help me stop biting them, I actually grew to like the taste of that bitter polish! One year, I think I was about 12 or 13, I decided to give up biting my nails for lent; I did it and I had never looked back, even the thought of putting my hands anywhere near my mouth revolts me now.


I couple of weeks ago I was sent these three wonderful products from Nail HQ and Sparkle PR and was eager to try them as my nails haven’t been in the best condition recently. I mentioned in my Nail Care Favourites post last week (the Strengthener was featured in this one) that my nails are growing to a certain point and then breaking off as they’re becoming so dry and brittle, I was really hoping that these products would help. I’d actually been recommended the Cuticle Oil already so I was glad to receive this one in the bundle.
Nail Strengthener* – As I mentioned, my nails had already grown quite long but I was so worried about them all breaking at the same time (as they usually do), I couldn’t wait to try this to improve the strength of my nails. I’m not sure what it is that makes nails become brittle but mine seem to be growing nicely and them bam, they all break. I decided to have a week without polish and just wear this, adding a new coat every two-three days just to make sure my nails were getting the best out of it they possibly could. You can see by last week’s Manicure Monday post how long all of my nails have grown and they’ve still not broken since. I love this little product and I’m going to keep using it as a base coat for the foreseeable future as my nails have never looked better; I’ve been asked a few times whether they’re my ‘real nails’ now which is such a compliment.
Nail Growth* – I’ve been using this on two nails that had already broken before using the Nail Strengthener treatment, I thought I’d just used this on the two nails that had broken as I wanted these to ‘catch up’ with the other nails. I did notice a difference in the speed my nails grew, my nails usually take such a long time to grow (that’s why I get SO annoyed when they all break) and I could actually see a difference each day with these as you can see by my Manicure Monday post linked above. It was my middle and index fingers that my nails had broken on and you really can’t see much of a difference in length. This contains Pentavin which moisturises and replenishes your nails to prevent brittleness and breakage, ideal for me.
Cuticle Oil* – I haven’t had much of a chance to use this one yet as I’ve still been using one by No7 but I’m going to use it to condition my nails and cuticles before holiday as they tend to react badly in the sun. This contains ‘Apricot and Jojaba Oil with Beta-Carotene and Vitamins E, A and D3’ which shows how much of an impact it can have on your skin, especially dry skin like mine. I used it this morning before writing this post which was over five hours ago now and my nails still feel nourished and moisturised, you only need to use a tiny amount too which means this product will last quite a while.
Have you tried any of Nail HQ products before? Which have been your favourites? Have they made a difference to your nails?
Ami xxxxx

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