Health and Beauty Supplements: Current Favourites

I’ve wanted to do this post for a while but I haven’t got round to sitting down and actually writing it. But here’s to a new, organised me, writing this post nearly two weeks before it’s going live (lets see how long this lasts). I take a few daily health and beauty supplements. Some that I’ve been taking for years and others that I’ve recently discovered but I wanted to tell you about some of my favourites.

I’ve been taking Tesco Calcium and Vitamin D tablets for years and years, I only take one a day although the tube does state you can take up to 3 a day. I find Tesco are fantastic for health supplements, they’re such a good price and usually 3 for 2. These tablets are ideal for me as I really lack calcium intake as I tend to keep away from dairy products (other than chocolate) not necessarily by choice but things like milk and butter don’t agree with me. These tablets mean I’m getting my near RDA without having to suffer and they also contain Vitamin D, something we all struggle to get enough of with this British weather.


Silverline Complete Skin Beauty* – I received these in my Superdrug Well Being Hamper a couple of months ago and have now finished the 28 a day course. These’s are absolutely brilliant, they contain Wheat Germ, Argan Oil, Collagen,Vitamin D and Zinc which all contribute to the maintenance of normal, healthy skin. I noticed such a difference during and after the 28 day course of these. I’ve now started these Mini:Collagen tablets* by Mini V Nutrition which are very similar containing Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid along with Vitamins C and E.

These Skin, Hair and Nail tablets are another that I’ve been taking since my teenage years although I tend to forget about them for a fair few months and then go back to them. These really do make a difference and ‘nourish you skin, hair and nails from the inside’ containing Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin C. The only down side to these is they taste¬†disgusting when you try to swallow them but you only get that taste for seconds.


Lastly are these U+ Raspberry Ketones*; I’d heard a lot about Raspberry Keytones in the media both good and bad so I was optimistic when U+ asked me to give theirs a go. Raspberry Ketones aid digestion and weight loss and should be used along with an active lifestyle and healthy diet and work by breaking fat cells down, helping your body burn fat faster. I’ve been taking these for just over a week now and the main thing I’ve noticed is how much more energy I’ve got and how motivated I feel, maybe I’ve got these to thank for my increased organisation. I’ve lost 3lbs so far too! I’ll let you know what the total is after the entire 60 day course. I’ve been taking one capsule at around 9/10am and another around 5pm.

What daily Health/Beauty Supplements do you take?

Ami xxxxx


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