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It’s probably a weird post to write but then again I’m sure any tea lovers *addicts* like myself will love reading this, I’d love for you to send me the links to your posts if you’ve ever done anything similar. Anyway, I’ve done a round up of five of my current tea favourites (as in the drink, not a meal), just thought I’d clear that up.

Tetley Pure Green Tea – I always try to start each day with a Green Tea and a piece of fruit. I’ve got to be honest, I tend to change brands quite often but I’m currently drinking Tetley’s which I’m absolutely loving. It’s weird how different different brands can taste, I always notice such a difference when I’m given another tea. Green Tea is perfect to boost your metabolism and get you ready for the day ahead, I wouldn’t have it any other way now.
Twinings Pomegranate and Raspberry – I like to have a cup of fruit tea with my lunch at around 1pm, I say around as I can’t remember the last time I actually stopped at 1pm for my lunch. I’ve just got into this tea over the last couple of weeks and it’s a close comparison to my all time favourite, Rhubarb and Blackcurrant which is strange considering I don’t like Rhubarb or Blackcurrant. This is fabulous for satisfying my sugar cravings.

Cheshire Tea Cherry – I was kindly given this at Bristol Foodies Festival and have been drinking it almost every day since. It’s a little more ‘faff’ that your usual tea bag in a cup as it’s loose tea but it’s not as difficult as you’d think. I definitely thought it would be trickier. Or more time consuming to say the least. This has such a strong flavour. I’ve been drinking it as my relaxing evening drink after I get home from work. It’s a perfect tea to watch your evening TV with or a blog post writing accomplice.

Clipper Wild Berry – If you actually want a tea that tastes like it smells I would really recommend this one. More often then not a tea will smell absolutely gorgeous but will just taste like water with a slight ‘tinge’. I could easily compare this tea to hot blackcurrant and it’s brilliant for satisfying my sugar cravings, ideal when I’m trying to cut out sugary treats. I discovered this tea whilst staying at Clevedon Hall as it was put in my room, thanks for that.

Whittard Original Tea – As far as normal tea goes I like to have this one in the cupboard. Although it did take me years to discover this. I often ‘binge’ on Whittard when I go shopping. Usually in outlets but I used to just buy their Hot Chocolates for Sam and maybe their powdered fruit teas along with their fancy bowls and mugs. It wasn’t until my last trip where I was given a selection of their teas to sample that I realised just how nice their original tea was. Containing blends of Ceylon, Assam and Kenyan it’s nice and strong just how I like it.

Which is your current favourite?

Ami xxxxx


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  1. 3rd August 2016 / 12:36 pm

    Fellow tea lover here! nice to see more tea posts popping up! 🙂 The Cheshire Tea Cherry sounds like it would be amazing! Do you drink much loose leaf? As you say the “faff” can put people off a little haha.

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