2016 Technology Wishlist

As there’s so many technology/electrical items on my wishlist at the moment. I just had to write a Technology Wishlist featuring each and every one of them. I often say I hate technology, I do, but it’s something we all need, especially us bloggers. Maybe I don’t necessarily hate it but I’m flipping useless when it comes to technology, I’m definitely not your average twentysomething year old girl. I can still lust after it though, right? Here’s the things on my Technology Wishlist this year. I’d love to hear what items are on yours.

1. Amazon Kindle – I’ve been eyeing up Kindles since they were first released but I think it’s time I treated myself. I’ve been reading much more lately and it’ll be nice to have something I can keep on me at all times, to ‘fill the gaps’ in the day. I’m currently reading Me Before You.

2. Panasonic Lumix TZ100 – I’m always looking for new ‘day’ cameras and this has been recommended as an ideal camera for travel. I actually had one of the first Lumix cameras many many years ago and got on really well with it. It’s compact enough to fit in a handbag, or even a pocket but still takes wonderful, high quality photos.

3. MacBook Pro/something else anyone would recommend – I’m in desperate need of a new laptop and Apple seems the only way to go. Unless there’s anything else you’d recommend?

4. Cool headphones – I can’t stand earphones sometimes, especially on long journeys so I thought it was about time I bought myself some comfortable headphones.

5. Canon 50mm Lens – I want to start using my Canon DSLR for blog photos again as I feel I’ve been neglecting it. My parents gave me money towards a new lens for my birthday in January and I’ve still got it tucked away in a money box. I’m just too indecisive!

6. Apple iPhone 6/7 – Another Apple product… I’m still on the iPhone 5 and it’s driving me crazy. It deleted everything last week including all my notes, apps and photos, I managed to get most of it back but had to say goodbye to a few recent photos. I’m not sure whether to buy a 6 or wait for the 7, or buy a 6 when the 7 comes out so it’s cheaper…

7. XBOX 360 Controllers – A random one here but my XBOX controllers went ‘missing’  so I haven’t been able to use my XBOX for around 3 years and I’m yet to buy new ones. Mainly due to the fact that I’m frustrated I have to spend £50 replacing something I had in the first place but suppose it’ll have to be done.

Are any of these items on your Technology Wishlist? What’s top on your list?

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*in collaboration with Panasonic.


  1. 3rd September 2016 / 3:46 am

    My tech wish list is constantly growing! Have you seen the customizable Xbox controllers? I designed one in a Microsoft store last month – so much fun!