About Me

Welcome to Ami Rose, started in September 2014 by myself, Ami Rose, original I know! I started this blog after trying (and failing) to write many blogs throughout my teen years (Picture Perfect, Beauty Loves) but GSCEs, A-Levels and a Degree meant I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to put into my blog causing it to be ‘pushed aside’. 
Now that I’ve graduated and have a larger amount of ‘me time’ blogging has become my thing to do, my hobby, when I put my feet up at the end of the day. It’s no longer a burden or a chore, it’s something I love and thoroughly enjoy. 
I mainly started this as a beauty blog to share my massive range of makeup, skincare and (over 150) nail polishes with the world but now it’s become sort of my ‘online diary’ filling it with photos, memories, lifestyle posts, baking and my fitness journey accompanied by the masses of beauty posts and reviews. I feel it’s important to get to know the ‘person behind the blog’ rather than reading constant makeup and beauty reviews and I’m hoping my new series ‘My Week In Photos’ will help you to get to know me better. I really enjoy writing them and reflecting back on my week. 
As my twitter bio states I’m a ‘lover of all things beauty, nail art addict, fitness fanatic and country bumpkin!’ 
I hope you enjoy my blog
Ami xxxxx