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Hello everyone and welcome to my blog Ami Rose. I spent weeks, months, trying to come up with the perfect name until I found that the domain was available so I thought, why not? I’ve written blogs in the past; my first blog, started in 2007 was called “Picture Perfect”. I then had another, “Beauty Loves”,  a few years back. I had a break from “Beauty Loves” in the last year of my degree as it all became too much, I even ended up in hospital due to the stress, so when I had the time and motivation to blog again I decided to completely relaunch and start right from the beginning, so that’s where Ami Rose comes in.

Get To Know Ami Rose Blog: The Girl Behind The Blog. 10 Facts About Me

I’m a beauty addict, I will try anything and everything, mainly hooked on skincare and make-up trends. I’m also obsessed with nail polish and have decided to try and collect every colour of BarryM nail paint (I’ve got 106 colours and counting, tut tut Ami Rose) and I love trying and I say TRYING to do nail art, I will get better I promise.

Other than external beauty I’m a fitness fanatic, hooked on the newest sporting trends as well as a major health foodie always cleansing, detoxing but never actually getting that body I dream of [probably because I enjoy baking more than cooking and have never stuck to a diet in my life]. Again, I’m trying…
I’ve decided to start Ami Rose now I have some more time to myself, I’ve always been interested in blogging, I started “blogging” in 2007 before blogging was really a thing. It’s always work work work and blogging helps me to switch off and be in a completely different place. I want to share the latest crazes with you all (I’m always trying different fitness classes) and share my major haul of makeup/skincare/haircare/beauty products as I buy far too many and would love to be able to tell you which ones I’d recommend and which ones I wouldn’t.

10 facts about Ami Rose;

1. I live in the Gloucestershire countryside.
2. I graduated from a BA(Hons) degree at UWE in Education and Early Childhood Studies in 2014.
3. I have a Campervan Conversion Business; (
4. I’ve got a wonderful boyfriend [update: fiancé] Sam. We’ve been together since 5th May 2009.
5. I want to travel the world. And I will.
6. I’m a keen photographer… not that it shows.
7. I’m addicted to Made in Chelsea [we’ve all got to have one guilty pleasure right?].
8. My birthday is 15th January 1993 and I’m 21 [update: 23]
9. I have a little French Bulldog called Milo, born on 17th August 2014.
10. I’m rubbish at thinking of things about me…

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