Cheesy BBQ Chicken Toastie

On Saturday I attended the Bath and West Show on behalf of Barbers 1833. I was entered into their Toastie Competition along with their other guests. My full post on the day will be live on Saturday but I wanted to get this recipe up for today’s post. My mouth is watering just thinking about this BBQ Chicken Toastie.

Sam and I LOVE Toasties and I would definitely call them our guilty pleasure. We go through stages of having them most evenings (naughty I know) to only having them occasionally but the sandwich press is always on our kitchen worktop. Which tempts us into daily toastie making. When we were asked to attend the show and told about the Toastie Competition we started thinking of winning toastie recipes right away. Experimenting and trying probably some of the best and worst toasties I’d ever eaten. Sam even went for a mature cheddar and Nutella, yuck. Anyway, our chosen idea came to us whilst we were eating a BBQ Chicken Pizza one evening before the show and had the idea of recreating the pizza as a toastie. The Cheesy BBQ Chicken Toastie.

Cheesy BBQ Chicken Toastie
Cheesy BBQ Chicken Toastie
Cheesy BBQ Chicken Toastie

Cheesy BBQ Chicken Toastie Ingredients:

Makes 4 Toasties

8 slices of your preferred bread

Cheddar (I used Barber’s Vintage Reserve Cheddar)

200g cooked chicken breast

BBQ Sauce

Sweet pepper

Red onion



Preparation 10 minutes | Cooking 3 minutes 


1. Firstly, butter one side of each slice of bread, this will be the outer side as there is no need to butter the inside of the bread.

2. Then fill your sandwich as follows; a layer of cooked chicken, two teaspoons of BBQ Sauce, a layer of cheese, followed by a sprinkle of red onions and sweet pepper topped with a generous amount of BBQ Sauce.

3. Top with your piece of bread, again butter side up and put in your sandwich press for 3 minutes or until golden. The butter will give it a golden look and crunchy texture.


I know you didn’t really require a step by step guide for a BBQ Chicken Toastie as it’s all pretty self explanatory but the order in which the ingredients go in make all the difference. This wasn’t the winner on the day but definitely a winning recipe for us that we’ll be making again and again at home.

What is your favourite toastie filling? Will you be making this BBQ Chicken Toastie?

Until next time,

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