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As a French Bulldog owner, I’m always buying into anything with a Frenchie on. And I know that the fellow 30,000 members on various French Bulldog Forums are the exact same. We call it ‘Frenchie Finds’ and share photos/links to products we buy in case anyone else would like to buy them too (and most of us do). Call us crazy, but French Bulldog owners are a completely different group of dog owners. Such a tight knit community. And a wonderful one to be a part of. Here’s a post dedicated to those Frenchie Finds. Lots of French Bulldog Gifts for you or your loved ones. Or your Frenchies of course. I’m always buying Milo gifts.

French Bulldog Gifts. Gifts For Frenchie Enthusiasts. Constantly updated.

French Bulldog Gifts. Gifts For Frenchie Enthusiasts. Constantly updated.

French Bulldog Gifts. Gifts For Frenchie Enthusiasts. Constantly updated.

1. French Bulldog Woof Cushion. How cute is this?

2. Women’s Vest Top. Available in many sizes.

3. Glass Jewellery Box. The quality of this is fantastic for £12.

4. Silver Sitting Dog Ornament. Much better priced than the other one below.

5. Yellow Oven Mitt. This would make a perfect Christmas present.

6. Boys Gucci Jumper. One for the little man in your life. Available for age 4-12 years.

7. Fine China Mug. A motivational quote to get you set for the day.

8. Microwaveable Heat Wrap. Another one to keep you cosy this winter.

9. Ted Baker Small Bowcon Bag. Ted Baker do some fantastic French Bulldog items.

10. Yellow Apron. An apron to match the Oven Mitt mentioned above.

11. French Bulldog iPhone Case. I’ve got a Ted Baker one but I love the look of this one.

12. Set of Four White Mugs. Another I’ve already purchased.

13. Bruno The Frenchie Swarovski Figure. A bit more of a luxury gift. This is adorable.

14. Polka Pattern Pillow. Ideal for adding colour to the room.

15. Women’s T-Shirt. ‘Excuse My Frenchie’

16. Pug and French Bulldog Notebook. I’ve already bought this for myself and love it.

17. Pringle 3 Pack Mens Boxers. I’m definitely buying my fiancé these.

18. Nitendogs French Bulldog and Friends. I had Nintendogs when I was younger and absolutley loved it. Tempted to buy this one for myself…

19. French Bulldog Hottie. Pop this cutie in the microwave for warm evening snuggle.

20. Realistic French Bulldog Statue. Although this one is a little on the pricey side.

21. Chubby Puppies Ultimate Dog Park (currently unavailable). I would have loved something like this when I was younger.

22. Copper Table Lamp. What’s not to love about this one?

23. French Bulldog Coasters. My kitchen is red so these are ideal.

24. Memo Pad and Pen. Ideal for jotting down your never ending to-do list.

25. Ted Baker Large Navy Bowcon Bag. Ideal for nipping to the shops.

26. Ted Baker Pink Zip Around Purse. I’ve been using a Ted Baker Purse for 5 years now and it still looks like new. Defintely worth the money.

27. French Bulldog Earrings. These are only £3.99 in the sale so grab them quick.

28. French Bulldog Umbrella. I spotted this in River Island but found it cheaper on Amazon.

29. Frenchie-opoly. Yes that’s a thing. French Bulldog Monopoly. Gimme.

30. Jersey Slippers. I may have to order myself a pair of these.

31. Wooden Sign. All French Bulldog owners need one of these. French Bulldogs are spoiled alright.

32. Socks (no longer available). I’m sure everyone will be opening a pair of socks on Christmas Day. Make them French Bulldog socks.

33. French Bulldog Onesie. My favourite on this entire Gift Guide. At the moment anyway. This looks so cosy.

34. French Bulldog Training Book. Another that all French Bulldog owners need. Although can they ever be trained?

35. Round Table Lamp. Told you I’d thought of everything didn’t I?

36. Ted Baker iPhone Case. Definitely adding this one to my Christmas list.


Have you bought any of these? Please let me know of any French Bulldog Gifts I can add. I’d love to hear about your recent Frenchie Finds.

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