Lose Weight with Lighterlife: The Lighterlife Fast 5:2

I was sent this selection in my Superdrug Hamper* featured a few weeks ago. I thought I’d give it a go for a week to get rid of some of my holiday weight. The Lighterlife Fast 5:2 is meant to help you lose a healthy 1-2lbs a week without changing your diet on the non fast days and without exercise whatsoever. I stepped it up a notch and incorporated healthy eating on the non fast days. This will hopefully give that extra push for my summer body. As I’m writing this I only have 4lbs to lose to reach my goal weight which is so exciting and very motivating.

I’m writing this in the form of a Food Diary throughout the week so you can see the foods I’ve eaten along with the LighterLife Fast Shakes and Bars*.

Lighterlife Fast 5:2 Diet, Weight Loss
Lighterlife Fast 5:2 Diet, Weight Loss

Starting weight:

8st 8lbs

Target weight:

8st 4lbs

Monday – Day 1.
 It’s not often I eat a full breakfast. I usually opt for a piece of fruit. Today I just had a Clipper Green Tea. I was quite naughty as I didn’t manage to stop for lunch as I was here there and everywhere. Instead I had a large banana and an orange at around 2pm. I knew this would keep me going until a big roast dinner in the evening. Monday is Roast Dinner Day so today’s dinner consisted of ‘Mummy Moore’s’ fabulous roast dinner with all the trimmings. I had a Quorn Fillet with mine and only a little gravy. My evening snacks was an Artisian Grains Banana and Hemp Bar at around 9pm. I try not to snack in the evenings but as I hadn’t had lunch I was still a little hungry. This filled me up and satisfied my sugar cravings too.

Tuesday – Day 2 (Fast Day). 
I started my day off with a Strawberry Lighterlife Fast Shake, this was nice and thick and really enjoyable, I’m actually looking forward to having another for dinner. Lunch was a Nut Fudge Bar; I hadn’t had anything chocolatey in over a week so it was nice to be aloud chocolate, especially on a fast day. This didn’t disappoint. I completely forgot I was ‘dieting’ whilst eating this. Watching somebody else eat when you’re dieting is probably the hardest thing, I had to watch Sam eat a Chicken Korma whilst I had my LighterLife Fast Packs. I didn’t get time to have another snack in the day so I had both the Strawberry Shake and a Nut Fudge Bar though which was more than enough for me.

Wednesday – Day 3. 
I started the day at 9am with a Banana and a Green Tea. Lunch was a 4 Bean and Mint Salad that I picked up for just 11p in Tesco. I had this with rocket and a Sweet Onion Ryvita with Garlic and Herb Philadelphia.  Dinner was a vegetarian lasagne with peas.

Thursday – Day 4 (Fast Day). 
I didn’t get time for my LighterLife Fast Shake this morning so I had it for lunch instead. I was going to have the Nut Bar too but decided to save it for a mid afternoon snack. Dinner was the same as Tuesday, a Strawberry Shake and a Nut Fudge Bar.

Friday – Day 5. 
Naughty Ami was craving cake so badly that she waited until 12am to try some. It may defeat the object but I still fasted Thursday. You can’t say I didn’t stick to it (don’t you like how honest I’m being). I’ve recently discovered Weight Watchers yogurt (thanks Mother), I now can’t get enough of these. The citrus flavours a gorgeous so I had a Nectarine one with some strawberries for my lunch. I went for a gym and swim session after work with my friend Jess and we then decided to go and get some dinner out. We went to our local Marsdon’s Pub and I went for the healthy option of a chicken breast covered in Piri Piri Sauce served with double salad and a little coleslaw. I had a packet of Salt and Vinegar Ryvita Mini’s as an evening snack.


Saturday – Day 6. I started today with a Twining’s Raspberry and Pomegranate Tea and a (very large) banana. We went into Stroud because Sam wanted to fly his new remote controlled glider on Selsley Common, it was such lovely weather I didn’t mind going along with him. We decided to get a picnic to eat in Stratford Park although I went for a Chicken Tikka Subway salad as I haven’t been eating bread. I had this with a Citrus Diet Coke and a few Sweet Chilli Sensations. Dinner was a slice of cheesecake and a blueberry crumble slice (oops) but they needed to be eaten before they went stale.

Sunday – Day 7.
For Breakfast I had a pineapple and an orange with Yeo Valley Ginger yogurt and yet another piece of cheesecake. Today was well and truly a cheat day. Lunch consisted of multiple snacks in bed whilst watching Turner and Hooch. We had prawn cocktail crisps, salt and vinegar sticks, chocolate digestives and oranges. We had a Chinese for dinner. My first takeaway in two weeks which is amazing for me and I couldn’t manage much at all; we ordered from Hotcha had Sweet and Sour Chicken, Egg Fried Rice, Chicken Chow Mein and Chips, I think I managed about a quarter or a third of each, I was so stuffed. Although I still had room for a ring doughnut for dessert.

LighterLife Fast: The Result

Finish weight:

8st 7lbs


I lost 1lb so I’m slightly disappointed but I did eat so many naughty things. And my week’s exercise consisted of 200 sit ups, one gym/swim session and one walk around the woods so I can’t complain. It still means I’m just 3lbs off my target weight so if I eat healthy and up my exercise I’m certain I can manage that in two weeks, watch this space.

I didn’t struggle on the LighterLife Fast Days as the shakes and bars really kept me going throughout the day. I didn’t feel I lacked energy either and I thoroughly enjoyed the Nut fudge Bars. LighterLife Fast is definitely something I’d try again in the future; maybe after my holiday in September.


Have you tried the LighterLife Fast before? What did you think? How did you get on?

Until next time,

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  1. 11th September 2015 / 2:52 pm

    It might seem strange, but you may have not actually eaten enough! When you're trying to lose weight, so have to consistently eat enough so that your body doesn't think it's starving itself. Fast days are fine, but on the other days it might be worth trying to get in a proper breakfast lunch and dinner. Fruit and yogurt should be more of a snack than a whole meal. Try and up your protein too as it satisfies you for longer – especially if you're not eating any meat. Adding nuts/quinoa/pulses/chia can help add it up. 🙂 Alice xx