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I’ve been eyeing up the SensatioNail Kits in Boots stores for well over a year and was absolutely ecstatic when they emailed asking if I wanted to try their Starter Kit*, of course I did. Anyone that’s been reading my blog for a while will know that nail art is my ‘thing’. Manicure Monday is probably the only thing I keep consistent on my blog (sorry about that), I’m always painting my nails so I’ve always got content to post about and blogging has given me opportunities to try methods that I wouldn’t usually be able to afford or probably wouldn’t have heard about otherwise.

Anyway, I’m a nail art addict that has never had her nails done professionally. It’s just never interested me as I thoroughly enjoy painting them myself. It actually helps me relax. Gel nails were something that I’d heard my friends talk about, I did like the idea that they could last for up to four weeks without one chip. SensatioNail does exactly what you’d get done in a salon but is much cheaper in the long run and allows you to improve your beauty skills.

SensatioNail Starter Kit
SensatioNail Starter Kit Scarlet Red
SensatioNail Starter Kit Scarlet Red

Firstly you need to prepare your nails like you usually would. File them and moisturise cuticles then give them a clean with the gel cleanser and cloth provided. You then need to apply a coat of the gel primer and leave to air dry. DO NOT touch your nails in between coats, they will be sticky but this doesn’t mean they’re not dry, it’s just a moisture layer on your nails that you will remove in the last step. This is something that I didn’t realise and kept thinking that the LED light wasn’t drying the coats properly.

You then apply the base and top coat on your nails and set under the LED light for 30 seconds. Then apply your first coat of the colour. I used Scarlet Red, and set under the LED light for 60 seconds. Repeat this step and leave to set under the LED light for a further 60 seconds. Once you’ve applied the colour you finish with another coat of the base and top coat. Be sure to ‘cap’ your nail by applying it over the top of your nail, this will stop any chipping. Allow this coat to set under the LED light for 30 seconds. Finish by wiping any excess moisture off of your nails with the gel cleanser and wipe provided. Your nails will then be completely finished and you’re ready to continue your day without having to wait hours for your nails to dry.

This took me around 20 minutes from deciding that I was going to paint my nails to them being complete. Considering it was my first time using the SensatioNail Kit too I was really impressed and I’m sure I could get it down to around 10-15 minutes once I’ve done it a few times.

It’s been over a week since I’ve painted my nails now and there is honestly no chips whatsoever. I am more than impressed with the kit and I’m already lusting over new colours for the Autumn. The Starter Kit is £69.99 and comes with your LED light and enough paint for 10 manicures. Which last up to 2 weeks. So technically 20 weeks of manicures for £70. You can then buy new colours for £15 (or sometimes they’re cheaper on offers) each have up to 20 uses so up to 40 weeks of manicures for £15. You can see why I want new colours now!


Have you tried any products by SensatioNail? Are there any Autumn colours you would recommend to me?

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  1. 15th September 2015 / 6:32 am

    I love gel nails – and your manicure Monday's! My sister has a similar kit and I'm always getting my nails done by her xx

    • 10th December 2015 / 4:35 pm

      Sorry I've only just seen your comment. I'm so pleased you like my Manicure Mondays, I love writing them. I've got four new SensatioNail colours to showcase soon so look out for those. Thank you for your comment 🙂

      Ami xxx