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Scents In The City have created a collection of candles based upon weekend experiences such as going to a cocktail bar, sitting in your PJs drinking Mulled Wine or popping out for a coffee with friends. They have a large range of ‘favourite’ or ‘memorable’ scents that they have incorporated into their candles, one of my favourites being Sherbet Lemon; this brings back so many memories of car journeys when I was a youngster as my Grandma always bought them for us to snack on, she still does now.

Scents In The City Candle Collection
Scents In The City Candle Collection


All of their candles are made from 100% Soy Wax. A greener alternative to the regular paraffin wax that is usually found in candles. Soy Wax is non-toxic, burns cleaner and has a much lower burn temperature than paraffin. Meaning that your candles could last up to twice as long.

Scents In The City do a large selection of sizes from tealights to glass jar candles. They have many selections such as their Cocktail Candles and Christmas Collection. They have their Barista Collection for the ‘coffee shop experiences’ which includes candles such as Caramel Latte and Green Tea. These come in the form of tins, glass jars, tealights and each scent can come in a tea cup. One of my favourite collections is their Cocktail Candles which come in Cosmopolitan, Mojito and Pina Colada. The Mojito one smells amazing and I’m burning it as we speak.

These candles also come in Martini Glasses or Shot Glasses which would make lovely gifts. They also do a Sweet Shop selection which is where my favourite, Sherbet Lemon, is from. As well as Sherbet Lemon they do Parma Violet which I can imagine smells divine and Jelly Bean. The Sweet Shop selection come as tinned candles, in glass jars and as tealight sample packs.

Their Christmas Collection consists of Mulled Wine, Iced Ginger Biscuit and Cinnamon Sticks. There is currently 10% off this selection by using discount code CHRISTMASTIME.

Their candles start at just £3.50 and can be bought from their online shop. Or they’re stocked in their local Health and Beauty Boutique, Angels, in Kenilworth. If you live close by I would suggest making your way over there and giving all the gorgeous scents a whiff. You won’t be disappointed. Please do let me know if you order/buy any of these candles and let me know which is your favourite scent. I think these would make ideal Christmas presents.

Have you bought anything from Scents In The City? What is your favourite Autumn/Festive scent?

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  1. 3rd December 2015 / 10:20 am

    I've never heard of this candle brand before but I love their packaging it's really homely!
    Charlotte //

    • 3rd December 2015 / 10:50 am

      It's such a lovely range isn't it. I can't get over the smell of the Sherbet Lemon one, I'm burning it at the moment and it fills the room with a really sweet, fruity smell.

      Ami xxx